When time permits in our busy schedule of looking after the Farm we like to work in traditional ways to produce craft items that are not usually encountered in shops and are more personal than machine produced items.

Handmade Soap

We make and sell a range of handmade soaps in a variety of colours shapes and aromas. These are made only from the finest vegetable oils and natural aromatic oils, using a natural saponification process.


We shear our own sheep during the late spring and have the wool spun into wonderfully soft double knit wool, which is available for sale. The wool is spun for us at small woolen mill in the middle of Wales using the old gentler processes that suits the softness of the Shetland wool.

The wool is completely natural without any bleaching or dying. The balled wool is a lovely soft grey with a very slight colour fleck of a darker grey.


Some of the darker coloured wool is spun and then made up into woolen throws in lovely natural colours. These are a darker colour with natural colour change paterns. The are more of a dark beige to brown colour as some of the Jacob wool is spun into the Shetland wool.


When our older lambs go off to produce the wonderful Shetland lamb dinners that they are famous for, we cure the sheepskins. Shetland wool is so soft that the skins from our lambs make ultra subtly coloured soft rugs which are a pleasure to have in front of the fire. The skins often have a beige/white centre with a light halo of brown or grey around the outside

These skins are properly cured to allow them to be washed after use.

Walking Sticks

A good stout stick is an asset in the country and does not denote any disability but a preparedness for the rough terrain or to move aside the thistles or brambles from the path. It is an aid to walking up or along that steep slope and helps you to leap the odd stream.

We make traditional country sticks from a number of natural materials. These include hazel, ash and briar shafts cut from the local coppices. These are mated to heads of stag horn, rams horn, buffalo horn or natural wood.

There is a wide variety of styles and sizes that will suit anyone. Toe in and toe out crooks and leg cleeks are a speciality but a whistle thumbstick is an amusing and practical addition.


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