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Severn View Farm Shop will close on Sunday 3rd May

and there will not be a Christmas shopping Day this year



Proudly Organic

Nestling at the base of the Cotswolds in South Gloucestershire, Severn View Farm is a small Organic farm specialising in home produced organic meat and organic meat products from our own rare breed animals. We also have a range of organic crafts and complementary products for sale in the farm shop.

The farm is situated on Inglestone Common an SSSI overseen by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. Our land, whilst not being SSSI, is rich old meadowland that has abundant wildflowers throughout the spring and summer. We have many ancient oak trees to provide the animals with shade and we have a ten year programme of laying all of our hedges to encourage them to regenerate and provide shelter in adverse weather.

We specialise in animal friendly husbandry with healthy well-kept animals. For this reason we welcome visitors to see how we look after our animals. We follow Organic methods as an ethos but we are also registered organic producers and are producer members of the Soil Association.

We concentrate on keeping rare and minority breeds to ensure their conservation and because we have discovered that their meat has considerably more taste than hybrid animals. We produce gourmet meat at reasonable prices. There is no need to worry about where our meat comes from; we know where each piece comes from, down to the very animal and that animals lineage. We only use abattoirs and butchers which are licenced for organic systems. Our abattoir is Demeter registered, our butcher is Soil Association and we are registered with Organic Farmers and Growers.

Our animals are also chosen for their looks and their natures. They are expected to grace our fields and many become long term residents.

organic farm shop selling organic pork, organic lamb, organic mutton, organic chicken, organic ducks organic wool