Organic Pigs

Organic Pigs, pork, bacon, ham, sausages, burgers, weaners, pork pies

The Severn View Herd of Pedigree Tamworths

and Gloucestershire Old Spots

At Severn View Farm we breed Organically from our herd of pedigree Tamworth pigs but however we farm, the welfare of our animals is paramount. They are bred and reared outside in large enclosures and are allowed to follow their natural instincts.

Tamworth pigs are acknowledged to produce the tastiest pork and bacon of all the pig breeds (research at Bristol University 1998/99). They are also the prettiest of pigs with their lovely long rich coat of orange hair.

As a breed, the Tamworth is probably the least "improved" and oldest of all of the pig breeds and is still very similar today to the original medieval forest pig. Unfortunately the Tamworth is now a rare breed, which has dropped from popularity because they take too long to mature for modern farming. There are only about 70 active breeders in the UK at the moment

We breed Tamworths primarily because we like them, for their wonderful friendly personalities but we also keep them for conservation of the breed, which takes precedence over our meat production. We often have breeding stock available.

Tammies make wonderful pets (that is if you like your pets to weigh in at 500lbs+ and have a nose that can dig faster than a JCB). Tamworths are far more active than other pig breeds, a fact that was underlined by the Tamworth Two who escaped from an abbatoir in Wiltshire. Therefore, they need to be kept occupied and interested.

Tamworth pork has a far better taste and texture than the standard hybrid pig, this is partly because they have been bred for taste but also because they take longer to mature. This longer development makes them less cost effective than hybrids but vastly improves the flavour.

We also have a few Gloucestershire Old Spots sows, again because we like them. Sometimes we breed these pure but mostly we put them to our Tamworth Boar. The resulting piglets do grow that little bit faster and are always very playful. We love their spots and little ginger highlights.


Organic Pigs, pork, bacon, ham, sausages, burgers, weaners, pork pies

Old Spots Sow with her piglets