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organic wool mutton,lamb, pork, sausages, burgers, scarf, socks, hats

Severn View Farm has a growing range of farm produce, which are proving popular with people looking for Organic, natural, home produced food and other products. The majority of our animals are rare breeds and we use our breeding programmes to help support endangered bloodlines. All our animals are free range and receive plenty of fuss and attention. We are registered with the Organic Farmers and Growers.

Most of our meat is frozen although we often have a line of fresh meat but we do sell out. So if you want a particular cut it is always best to telephone in advance to save a wasted journey. We operate on the principle of "if we are in, we are open". So if unexpected guests invite themselves for dinner, maybe we can help. If you just want to call in on the off chance, Saturday and Sunday mornings are good times to catch us in.

Here are some examples of our products. Pack sizes can be small for one or two people or rather larger to accommodate a family lunch or dinner party - almost anything is possible.

Pork- from our pedigree Tamworths and Old Spots. A full range of cuts is available, some boned and some on the bone or boneless, rolled or sliced belly (the latter is wonderful for barbecues).

Bacon - like it always used to taste. Dry cured for us by Woodchester Meats, no nasty white stuff in the pan with these rashers. Most of the bacon is unsmoked but we do have some smoked cuts.

Sausages - These are over 90% meat with only organic ingredients and no nasty stuff. We have Traditional, Mild pork, Pork and Leek, Pork, Apple and Cider, Bacon and Tomato and for a nice evening treat with a crispy salad - Ham and Apricot.

Lamb and Mutton - from our pedigree Shetlands. The Shetland is a small, fine-boned animal that produces lean and very tasty meat. We have legs, half legs, shoulders, half shoulders, chops, cutlets, racks, mince, liver and stewing lamb.

Poultry - These are either bred on the farm (ducks) or bought in as day-olds. They are grown and processed entirely on the farm with the shortest of food miles. Sometimes - depending on the availability - we have duck, pheasant and pigeon breasts.

Beef - not our own but from Adeys Farm in Berkley just up the road. Organic Aberdeen Angus and properly hung. All cuts are available. Some lovely joints for Sunday lunch through to really meaty mince, burgers and sausages.

Charcuterie - Pauline's duck and chicken liver pate is rightly famous as is our home produced Cotswold air-dried ham and Brassiola. We also have pork pies made from our own pork.

Eggs - from our free range ducks and chickens.

Fruit and Veg - During the summer we often have vegetables and fruit for sale and our own honey, although not for long as the queues will show.

Preserves - Pauline produces a wide variety of jams, pickles and chutneys from our own farm fruit and vegetables using only organic additions. Many of these are seasonal but regular appearances are made by: Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Quince, Apple, Gooseberry, Damson, Plum and Greengage. In the savory field we have Walnuts, Courgettes, Beetroot, tomato, Cauliflower, Beans and pickled eggs.

We also offer a wide range of non-food products made here on the farm, including:

Organic Woollen Stuff

Organic sausages, organic burgers, organic wool, scarves, hats, throws, mutton, lamb, pork

Not a lot of shrinkage in our Bangers