Bees in the Orchard

Organic Honey and Organic Bee Products

We have been keeping our own bees for many years now and still find it a very relaxing pastime today. You cannot rush with bees, they have to be taken very slowly and with respect or they have ways of letting you know they are unhappy.

As the farm is surrounded by common land and wild flower meadows, all of our honey comes from wild flowers and it is generally subtly scented and not too strong. We do not normally have commercial crops growing within the bees foraging distance as this is generally a livestock area. The bees are in the newly planted orchard where they also help to pollinate the various fruit trees.

It was not that long ago that bees were kept almost entirely for their wax production for candles, and the honey was a by product. This has now changed completely and honey is the chief crop from keeping bees. We collect the surplus wax from our bees and make a number of products. These include candles, polish and furniture wax.

organic fruit organic honey, organic orchard

The Mayor helping us to plant the new orchard